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TILA’s objective is to encourage the emergence of a new social economic society where trade solidarity and the development of business culture is practised. It uses all natural resources and provides a dynamic environment for emerging entrepreneurs.

TILA’s objective is to encourage the emergence of a new society:

  • founded on a culture of sustainable social and economic business.
  • favoring local resources (natural and human)
  • capable of integrating into the international economy

TILA is an association dedicated to the creation of a sustainable social and economic environment focusing on:

  • Developing all human skills in order that each individual finds his own cultural identity, enabling him to become a full key player.
  • The development of business culture based on craftsman and agriculture closely linked to the wider development of trade and industry

TILA is a private company which practices Trade Solidarity with African countries.

  • It brings together the key players who are committed to promoting sustainable development.

TILA develops a business culture by:

  • Acquiring technical and economic skills.
  • Developing a work ethic, a sense of leadership, creativity and promoting African entrepreneurs

TILA enhances resources:

  • By drawing from the cultural heritage of Africa
  • By using resources from the west
  • By combining them in order to invent new values and methods in line with African Development
  • By developing a vision of the future which re-enforces its capacity to generate profitable resources with the rest of the world.

TILA offers a dynamic environment suitable for emerging entrepreneurs which:

  • Attracts people, and gives them the confidence to set up their own business
  • Develops skills
  • Provides an environment of success and achievement
  • Encourages the rural population to create a new dynamic market


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