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The true story of the African "Passport"

The passport masks were used by the Central African population (Cameroon, Gabon, Congo) before the Europeans arrived in Africa.


There were many different forms of masks because:

  • They were used as identity cards and passports for internal travel
  • They indicated the social position of each member of the village or tribe
  • They were used to distinguish the different guilds

The colors of the masks were considered as a kind of writing, such as calligraphy, hieroglyphics and the alphabet.
The same color position could be found in certain masks.
However these colors did not have the same meaning if their forms were different .
Also the colors had different meanings in different tribes.
It was necessary to know that when there were many colors on the mask you were considered as a young apprentice and the more skills you acquired in your profession or your future social status, the less colors you had.
The people who had uniform colored mask were considered as advisors or masters.
Examples of Passports  : warrior, hunter, stonemason, fisherman, blacksmith, farmer, pastor, notary storyteller, griot, musician, wrestler, dancer, sculptor, painter, potter, weaver,  visionary, goddess of beauty, wise man etc.


Les passeports en terre cuîte


En couleurs: 12 €

passeport passeport passeport

La conteuse


La danseuse


Le conseillé


passeport passeport passeport

Le conteur


Le potier


Le grio


passeport Passeports passeports

Le visionnaire

Le sage Le chasseur
passeports passeports passeport
Le peintre La guérisseuse Le musicien


Monochromes: 20 €

passeports passeport passeport

Le notable


La princesse


La sage


passeport passeport passeport

Le sculpteur


Le cultivateur


Le grio


passeport passeport passeport

Le chasseur


Le pêcheur


Le prince


passeport passeport passeport

Le sage

Le visionnaire

La tisserante



Possibilité de commander en gros.


Dimensions : 11 cm

De 10 à 30 : Couleurs = 6 € , monochromes = 8 €

Plus de 30  : Couleurs = 4 € , monochromes = 5 €


Don’t be passif, consume actively.

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