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In order to assure the continuity and the development of economic activities in Africa, TILA proposes support from its solidarity partners by:

  • The donation of materials
  • Allowing the Tila Association to supply the products from its network to the works council
  • Financially supporting Tila to promote its action

These funds will allow them to:

  • Help finance the purchase of goods, transportation and donation of materials
  • Facilitate the purchase of second hand tools needed to stimulate the activities of key players
  • Facilitate the establishment and management of local structure
  • Finance micro-projects.

In compensation, the solidarity partner will become an honorary member of Tila Association.
The incentive for the partners involved in this project will be :

  • To have an influence on the development and the promotion of economic, social and cultural action
  • To support an ethnic project
  • To reinforce the behavior of key players in solidarity action


note d'intention action action
Support for the
establishment of micro credit.
Completion of a well. Support for Literacy.


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