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By validating his order, the Customer agrees to accept unconditionally the terms of the aforementioned order as well as the entirety of the general conditions of sale.
The content of this site as well as any photographs are protected by rights of intellectual possession. Any reproduction apart from exceptions envisaged in the article L. 122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Ownership is therefore forbidden.


The present contract has as object the sale of products and objects of decoration from Africa from the Internet site.


Orders are carried out according to availability.
Shipping time, from the delivery of the order to the shipper is on average from 5 to 7 days for Lyon and its region and from 8 to 10 days for Paris and its region by standard transport.
Africa Products incurs no responsibility for delay in the following cases:

The purchaser cannot refuse the goods unless the delay is significant

a) Terms of payment stipulated on order confirmation were not noticed by the purchaser.

b) The necessary information for the execution of order did not reach Africa Products in time.

c) Delay or failure to send order as a result of: strike, accident, fire, natural disaster, civil or foreign war, riot, non-availability of product, the delay of the suppliers or shippers, or any other reason independent of Africa Products.

The goods are delivered already cleared through customs, and at the purchaser is risk. It is up to the purchaser to make necessary arrangements to the shipper before taking delivery of the goods. Arrangements will be recorded on the shipping form, a double of which will be kept by the customer. That will confirm these arrangements under 48 hours by registered letter addressed to the shipper who having performed the delivery.

The Shipment will be delivered to the residence of the purchaser.
Products can be transported disassembled. Assemblage is made under the unique responsibility of the customer and Africa Products cannot be held responsible for an incorrect assemblage by the customer



According to the returning instruction no order made from Africa - site can be returned without prior consent of Africa-Products. All goods must be retuned in their original packaging.
Africa Products will refund at full the invoice value all goods received undamaged.
Individual or non-professional on line purchasers have 10 days from the reception of the goods to return them in their original packaging. This is at the purchaser’s expenses except in the case of damaged goods or if the goods do not correspond to the original order.


Any claim must be written in detail and send as soon as possible after reception of the goods to the following address: Africa Products S/C Talents Croisés 44 rue de la Tour de Varan – 42700 Firminy - France



No cancellation of order, taken in our gallery or on www., will be accepted except by written agreement by Africa Products.



The sold goods remain in the ownership of Africa-Products until the invoice is paid in full. Nevertheless, goods are shipped at the purchaser’s risks from the moment they leave the shop or warehouse. In case of late payment the seller reserves the right to reclaim the goods and cancel the contract if necessary.

Africa Products retains the right to modify at any details that he considers relevant (e.g dimension of articles) and to change products before delivery or in the course of the order. Africa Products also retains the right, to change without notice models defined in the prospectuses or catalogues. Africa Products are not responsible for these modifications but, they will advise the customer during the order if necessary.


Rates corresponding to the access to the products of Africa products are specified for every product. Current rates are available for consultation on the Internet site at any time.
Except where indicated, our prices include VAT on the Website. Any taxes, rights or other benefits to be paid, accruing in agreed sale, in accordance with the law, norms and French regulations or in one or several countries of transit, is paid by the purchaser.

At the end of any order, Africa Products reserves the right to change prices without haviog to inform the customer.
Invoices are always payable to the head office, whatever the clauses written on the order form sent back to Africa Products

The invoice must be paid in full at the time of ordering.

In case of delay in payment, Africa Products reserves the right to suspend all ongoing orders. Besides, in accordance with article 441-6 of the commercial law, any sum not paid on time gives the right, without prior warning, to charge interest at the legal interest rate on the day of the invoicing with an increase of four points. This interest will continue to be charged until payment is made in full to Africa Products (original price, interest accrued and cost).


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